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Grinding Gear Games has been balancing POE’s new league output with RPG sequels. In any case, this is a delicate balance, but COVID-19 has made the rhythm a bit chaotic. Developers have more than once withdrawn developers from their plans to study POE 2 and transferred to other leagues they were working on at that moment. Therefore, the game team has been afraid to guarantee the release date of POE 2 to players. But there are still some players who are actively stocking POE Currency until GGG can release POE 2 this year.

Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson told players that one reason for this is not worth it. The studio can undoubtedly combine a beta version, but it does not provide the desired value of game testing. Part of the problem is how big the beta should be, and they have not resolved many related issues at this stage. After all, they don’t want to show the players that the POE 2 is a defective product.

If players can allow more time for the game team, they can have more time and energy to make POE 2 more complete and detailed. At present, they have started the development of POE 2 step by step. It’s a glorious thing that players can wait until they release it to experience it. If the game team releases POE 2 now, the negative impact will be far greater than the positive impact.

POE officials also stated that they must first ensure that the various development plans of the original POE can carry out steadily before they can leisurely proceed with the development of POE 2. Wilson told the players that it will take them a while, and it will surely satisfy the players after its release plan is clear. So the most important thing for players is to Buy POE Currency and POE Items and devote themselves to practice.