Is Madden 21 Not A Next-Gen Launch Title?

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Madden 21 will become the release champion of the next-generation console. It does not seem to be the case. Xbox series X|S will be launched on November 10th, and PlayStation 5 will land on November 12th, but since June, we have not seen any information related to the next generation on Madden 21. With only three weeks left before the release of the new console, the window showing any relevant previews is shrinking or disappearing.

We wanted to get information about the next-generation game release from EA’s official account, but we didn’t get a response. This is another sign that there is nothing to share. In EA's defense, they never officially announced the date of the next generation Madden 21, so this is not a delay. However, since Madden is an important part of the lineup of almost all consoles, and since the game preview on the new console was released a long time ago, it is logical to assume that this will be a release title.

It may be a good thing not to release Madden 21 as the release title. If EA is not ready yet, it is best not to release its first version of Madden on next-generation consoles. The franchise model is preparing for the release of a major update, and we hope that this upgrade will accompany the release of the next generation Madden 21. It is still possible, but as the days go by, the possibility seems to be getting smaller and smaller.Nonetheless, we can tell you the truth responsibly, because this is the early days of Madden NFL 21's release, so now is the best time to Buy MUT Coins.

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