EVE Fanfest Has Been Cancelled Because Of Coronavirus

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In other related new, EVE Echoes ISK Fanfest has been cancelled because of Coronavirus. You may read up on this here.

EVE Online - An Interview With the New Community Team

If you polled the vast majority of EVE Online players at the beginning of 2019 asking them whether or not they would expect an almost entirely new community group within a year, more often than they likely wouldn't have thought it possible. However, that's almost exactly what happened.

Flash forward to April 2020 along with the team that communicates most with the capsuleers which make up New Eden looks nearly completely different. With the recent hiring of Jessica"CCP Aurora" Kenyon, in addition to bringing on Dan"CCP Convict" Crone last year to match Senior Community Dev Kamil"CCP Dopamine" Wojtas, the team feels poised to help navigate through the seas of EVE Online's enormous fanbase.

It is incredibly interesting to see this occur too, as it feels EVE Online is undergoing something of a rebirth. Development is occurring at a faster clip, with the development team capable to experiment with some of the updates they release, as CCP Burger told us in an interview last week. So with this rebirth we could observe that mirrored in the community team which interacts with and also works with the neighborhood to create EVE Online a better match.

Each member brings their particular background to the table, with Dan being heavily engaged in a few different aspects of EVE Online prior to settling into his role in CCP.

"I first started playing EVE Online in 2004," CCP Convict advised me via a phone interview. "I got hauled into the match from the Homeworld community. Players from the Homeworld community were recruited to EVE by EVE players at the Homeworld community, and I have carried along with this. I moved through a trajectory that's unknown to other players where you get started playing EVE, and it was a different environment back then as well, however you play for a little time, you go AFK for a little while. Something drags you back then eventually you have that magic moment which makes you committed to the match.""It is absolutely fantastic. I mean, Buy EVE Echoes ISK doesn't have the greatest concurrent number of players of any sport on earth, or whatever. But it do we have the most hardcore community on the planet."

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