New players and new scenes appear in the latest Madden 21 Most Feared

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The unalterable part of the Madden 21 Most Feared project launched by EA has arrived in the game this Monday. This is an event organized by the Madden team to welcome Halloween and to bring players more novel experiences. Among the new players revealed at the event were Calais Campbell, Richard Sherman, and Travis Kelsey. This is the appearance of all new player cards and detailed information about other content. People who want to get these players can start to reserve MUT 21 Coins.

Similar to the previous events, there will be two powerful master players in this event. In terms of offense, former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Harold Carmichael with a total score of 92 has excellent athleticism and catching attributes. On the defensive side, the American Masters player is defensive star Calais Campbell. His cards have 93 squares off, 92 game recognition, 92 cracks, 90 subtle moves and 90 powers.

There are ten other players in Madden 21 Most Feared for players to choose from. Their total score increases from 79 to 87. The group includes Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles, Buffalo Bills MLB Tremaine Edmunds and Bengals big receiver Oden Tate. These are all lower-rated player cards in the event. This event did not bring new challenges. The brand new Boneyard Brawl Challenges will not appear again in a short time.

To get 90 OVR horror tall heroes, players can exchange two 87 OVR and two 85 OVR horror big players. In exchange, they will get a fantasy game pack, in which they can choose the 90 OVR Scary Tall player. To get Master Harold Carmichael, they need to exchange 90 OVR horror tall heroes, and 85 and 87 OVR horror tall players need to place in the set. In exchange, players will get Carmichael Masters and his Power Up and 90 OVR heroes.

It bound these new players to further increase the desire to compete among players. Players who have a strong lineup and smart tactics will most likely defeat other weak players. So if the weaker players want to fight back, they can go to GameMS to Buy some Cheap MUT Coins and then come back to buy some players to improve the overall strength of the lineup. In this way, their probability of winning can increase a lot.

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