WOW TBC Claissic: The content of Phase 3 introduces new elements to the game

Patch 2.5.3, the third phase of Burning Crusade Classic, will introduce new elements to the game.

Patch 2.5.3, the third phase of Burning Crusade Classic, will introduce new elements to the game. Although they are not adding specific content to the game, they were developed to make the game more inclusive elements in a variety of ways.

The testing phase of Burning Crusade Classic Patch 2.5.3 has just begun, and its first WOW Classic TBC Gold discovery has been revealed. This includes the male version of the Sorcerer Succubus, which is added as a Warlock Succubus, which is really cool! In addition, there are men in Karazhan guest rooms and text-to-speech.

Although Blizzard has not communicated these content with players so far, the available data in the patch 2.5.3 test area indicates that Incube has come to Burning Crusade Classic. The original plan for this demon is to be used in Patch 9.2. Eternity's End of Shadowlands will also appear in WoW Classic as a replacement for the usual succubus.

Some models are patches dedicated to Shadowlands 9.2, and a version for Burning Crusade Classic may soon be deployed, just like the work done for the Dark Portal Pass mount.

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In addition, in the 9.1.5 version of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the already available Karazhan people seem to appear in the third stage of Burning Crusade Classic. This increase was made after the lawsuit against Blizzard. It is worth noting that this is the work of the developers themselves, not the instructions of their superiors to cover up the scandal.

Therefore, the Karazhan Hotel originally only Buy TBC Gold accepted female characters with revealing clothes. From now on, there will be men too.

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