3 Tips for Planning a New Kitchen Layout

Kitchen design is a challenge faced by many homeowners. Old cabinets, appliances and flooring may need to be removed for the installation of new material, which can lead to some obstacles. Also, changes made on one side of the kitchen could have a domino effect on the other side, so it�

1. Determine what you want from your dream kitchen -

Is your goal to have a space that's functional, or would you rather have an upscale look? Do you want cabinets with hardware that matches the rest of the house? Are you looking for color combos that stand out from traditional options? Or do you just want really efficient storage? In order to achieve your goals, it 's important to take the time to think about what you want. As mentioned by luxury classic furniture design the best way to do this is by pinning images that catch your eye on Pinterest or using any other method that will help you organize your inspiration.

2. Consider how much money you have -

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a brand new kitchen installation, so it's important to know where the budget is going to be working with before initiating any design plans. You can always plan for an update too, but just don't get your heart set on something if it'll put you over the maximum of what's in your bank account. For example, upgrading cabinets costs considerably more than building new ones from scratch, so if it's within the budget, go ahead and upgrade! On the other hand, if you want extra storage space but don't have much cash to spend, consider building your own cabinets or using one of many catchy kitchen storage ideas .

3. Label all the electrical connections -

While labels are not required by electric codes, they can be very helpful when it comes time to make repairs in the future. It's best to put them close to where the wire is coming out of the wall so that you won't be searching for wires once everything is installed. You can also use different colors of tape for multiple circuits in a single box or device. If there are any switches involved with an outlet, label both sides of each connection with numbers corresponding to each switch position.

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