Libra Monthly Horoscope December 2021

Read on to know Libra Monthly Horoscope December 2021.


Librans may have excellent family relationships this month, according to Jothidam. You may get along well with younger siblings. Auspicious events like childbirth and marriage may happen at home. Lovers will have a blissful time. Married couples, too, can enjoy conjugal felicity. There may be progress in business and profession. 

Love and Relationships

Love matters may progress to marriage. Some may embark on pleasure trips to foreign destinations. Singles may find good life partners, and the married may have a harmonious relationship.

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Investments in speculative trades may bring good profits, says Jothidam. Exercise caution in share trading, and do not expect substantial gains in stock trading as well. Do not invest in cryptocurrencies now.

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Private sector employees may get promoted and also secure a pay hike. Those in the fields of advertising, law, etc., may find this an excellent month. With the help of your colleagues, you may be able to complete your tasks on time.


More profits may come from business ventures. Joint ventures may do well, and you may get co-operation from your business partners. Those in the silk textile industry may make more gains. Natives involved in selling and buying used cars may go through a lean patch.


Librans who are government employees may get support from their colleagues. Those working in the IT field may go abroad. Self-employed professionals may be able to boost their customer base.


Too much work can lead to tension, anxiety, and depression. Go for walks regularly and practice meditation. This can work wonders for you, physically and mentally. Father’s health may cause concern.

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School students may feel distracted. They should focus on their studies if they want to score good marks. Those who are doing some courses or programs will be able to do well. They may also score well in exams.

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