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Oh and also the gameplay. Getting stuck on rookie is so boring. I had to Madden 21 coins sim games after the first quarter, only playing on offense, because the game would never finish. And I don't know whether it is a glitch, but one match compelled me to perform the whole game. I literally just tried to run around the area to kill clock. I didn't even touch the control on defense. It just auto played. Game finished 100-0. It played itself. Rookie mode is brain dead manner. Oh and the heavily promoted combine? It's just the 40 plus a throwing drill. And the 40 is only 3 quick time switches, which don't affect anything so long as you strike them.

The only positive is the fact that it seems like the story is actually ongoing on as soon as you leave college. You have press conferences and locker room moments, which ok I guess. Franchise is trash like the previous 3 years, and the lawn gets boring after one match. Oh and the bugs. Invisible players, frame speed, server crashes, frequent crashes, players bugging out. Pretty good stuff. In case you've got the itch to perform Madden 21 for some reason ( I know I did) only pay the $5 and find the 10 hour trial and don't purchase the entire $60 game.

You may regret it. Maybe next gen is better, IDK, but that ai not it. Thank you for going more in depth. This was some of my biggest frustrations with the story mode. Notably the combine. I didn't mind the first longshot as much as this one. This was just really corny. No issue. I didn't mind Longshot both actually. I'm saying it is better since it seems like the narrative is some what continuing on, but I am not certain how well. I stopped playing lol.

I believe the strangest thing to create this FoF better would've been to allow the difficulty to be altered, Get rid of Snoop, ( why is Snoop rooting for a Missouri HS group that's not even my group? Yes I picked my home country exactly what of it lol) And how about Tommy could be a rival or a buddy depending on the options you made. Like I thought that's exactly what they were going for, but it just didn't happen.

Just like in the event that you choose to become friends you work your differences out and he changes to WR for your school season. If you become contests he belongs to a rival school and you meet in the championship match. Easy as pie! Instead Coach Bill O Brian is over here like"Hey I know you simply threw 10 TDS at the first half, but you are benched for Tommy in the name game. Hey look I know Tommy nearly died on the area and you lead a comeback from the title game by scoring 8 straight TDS, but Tommy is the starter another season if you don't want to convert to mmoexp mut 21 coins skill place, which is some thing TOMMY HAS ALREADY DONE IN HIS CAREER!

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