Rohini Nakshatra born characteristics and features

Rohini male native can be slim, fatty, or short structured; it depends on other planetary positions. However, his eyes will always be magnetic, holding a special cham.

General Characteristics: Spirituali, truthful, no greedy, clean, sweet speech, good looking.

Translation: The red one.

Symbol: An ox cart/chariot.

Animal symbol: A male serpent.

Ruling planet: Moon.

Nature: Manushya (human).

Names Starting With: O, ve, vee, vU

Presiding deity: Brahma – creator of the universe.


Male Natives of Rohini Nakshatra


Rohini Nakshatra male native can be slim, fatty, or short structured; it depends on other planetary positions. However, his eyes will always be magnetic, holding a special cham. He will be beautiful and aesthetically blessed. Big shoulders and well-developed muscles would make him more attractive.


Character Generally


These natives, if once get angry, it is difficult to subside them; all efforts go in vain. They are determined to do what they have decided. Hence if someone wants to ruin their plans, they don’t think twice to ruin the person’s motives. He doesn’t pay attention to the advice that is counter to him.


However, he always finds fault in others. He is a man who does the thing that his heart says instead of his brain. He loves his family; however, he is capable of holding a grudge forever. He feels proud on his own; he takes life as it happens instead of pre-planning.


He lives for comfort and may spend everything today; tomorrow doesn’t exist for him.




These natives lack patience and forgiveness. He might try to impress everyone by pretending to know everything. However, he might miss the needed things while showing off.


Generally, Rohini-born natives have very fine placement of planets which make him rise even from the lowest ground and fly high like a phoenix. However, their mind might lead them to downfall; they need to build better mental control in order to succeed.


Professionally if he works in industries related to milk products, sugarcane, or chemicals, he would succeed. Mechanical work also suits him.


The age from 18 to 36 will be his trial period during which he would try many things. He will also be financially weak and struggle socially as well. His health won’t be stable too.


However, once he enters 38, he will have a golden period till 50 years and 65 years and 75 years of age.


He should not believe anyone but only himself. He should check papers thoroughly and never trust his business partner or employees blindly.


Family Life


In the family, he will be more attached to his mother since he will never really get support and love from his father. Maternal things and people will help him more. He will believe in society and religion; however, he will never hesitate to throw some beliefs that are meaningless. His married life will not be great, and it will be full of disturbances.




He can get diseases related to blood like blood cancer, blood sugar, tuberculosis, and respiratory problems. Jaundice and urinary disorders might also trouble him.


Female Natives of Rohini Nakshatra


The females of Rohini are very attractive; she will have a medium height and fair complexion.


Character Generally


She loves to be well-dressed and prefers to behave. She is fond of showing pomp; however, she has a good heart. These females are also short-tempered like males of Rohini. This nature of her also invites troubles in her life. She is practical and keeps secrets; she doesn’t react until pinged unnecessarily.




She might not be the possessor of high education; she is more likely to earn from oils, milk, hotels, paddy fields, or as a dressmaker.


Family Life


Her married life will be harmonious where he will have support and love from her husband and children. However, she must know to leave her stubborn behavior if she wants a happy life ahead. She might also have a tendency to doubt her husband, which she should not unless she has strong evidence.




She might develop discomfort in the breast and may have breast cancer. Her menses will be irregular, too, and she will mostly have pain in the lower legs. Pimples and swelling above the neck are also noticed in these natives.


Positive Traits


They are charismatic people who attract people with their listening capabilities. They are usually gentle and comforting; their smooth talks attract many people toward them. They are family people who love to perform their duties. They do not get jealous, and they have a strong public life.


Negative Traits


They might be inclined toward materialistic life more than necessary. They prefer to indulge in sexual acts; they get possessive and might get into addictions as well. They sometimes might take advantage of others or play deception.


Career Interests


They would be inclined toward high positions where they are the authority. They would get into business, real estate; they might also have their hotel or restaurant. They might also take interest as a fashion designer or model.For Nakshatra Porutham, they should meet a professional astrologer to know which Nakshatras are more suitable for them.