NBA 2K21 is releasing NBA Draft packs

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The MyTeam mode of NBA 2K21 allows gamers to purchase digital cards of NBA players that can play in this mode. A new promotion was launched around the NBA draft on Wednesday night. Players can Buy NBA 2K21 MT to obtain these cards. However, Halloween promotions conducted from MyTeam mode may indicate upcoming events, and the result may be controversial.

The trailer will definitely attract NBA 2K fans to hype about what is coming. After all, last year's NBA 2K20 was promoted, including many 2020 draft stars, their statistics and technical level are very high. Therefore, if you are a fan of NBA 2K, you will have a lot of expectations. On Halloween, NBA 2K carried out a similar promotion, but the cooperation with fans on social media was not ideal.

On the night of Halloween, the NBA 2K MyTeam mode released a tweet, which read: "Halloween brings some weird things. When the clock hits Midnight PT, please stay tuned." Fans who stayed up all night discovered that the game had released an exclusive James Harden card. But he only stayed for eight hours, so fans who want him need to buy the available packaging before they have a chance to earn him (about 2%).

However, the MyTeam mode showed another card-the Vince Carter card, eight hours later. Then, after that came the LeBron James card. These cards can only be used for eight hours. Therefore, you must purchase packaging at a specific time to have a chance to earn them. Similarly, the probability of pulling out one of the cards is about 2%.

Now, 2K fans pointed out that these two promotions may be the same. That is, the NBA draft package may only be available during the draft, or specific players may only be available in packages released at certain points in the draft. For example, only within five minutes of being selected, Anthony Edwards has the opportunity to pull his backpack.

The new trend in video games is focused on players paying to get better items in the game. These are commonly referred to as "robbing boxes" or "microtransactions". These are boxes or packaging, or you can buy 2K21 MT with real money. They include the chance to randomly draw out exclusive items that can give you a competitive advantage.