There were a lot of fouls to be committed in the first five minutes

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Now, the cameras are gone. Motion capture has been discarded. Only the Xsens suits are left. "One of the issues been drift . We'd see where players' joints were relative to cheap FUT 22 Coins one another but not as a relation to a specific point in distance," Eaves explains.

In a virtual sense, it meant players running around would return ten metres from their starting spot. The game changer developed by EA was a local positioning system. Rather than GPS satellites, LPS beacons were dotted all over the field, along with motion sensors strapped to chests of players.

This means that high-quality data can finally be recorded in a match. "We have chosen these two teams from Spain's third division because they've had a long-standing clash," Eaves says. "They're professionally-coached teams with amazing techniques. They play possession-based football with control and finesse - great for a game on video because we want it to be fast as well as enjoyable."

EA's direction was minimal beyond instructing players and the coaching officials that it would be an "must-win match." It's not like the game was not a challenge. "Just as in a live game, players were switched on and off. We were able to get tired defenders out and fresh forwards as the game commenced," recalls Eaves. "You could feel the anger. There were a lot of fouls to be committed in the first five minutes , it was exactly what the team wanted."

Off-the-ball movements like shouting, pointing, and posing was priceless for EA in getting the physicality and the intensity of real-life games. "If the stuntman is able to slide into someone in FIFA 22 Coins a motion capture area and then pops back up, but it does not have the same intensity as real-life challenges," explains Eaves. "In this game physical challenge, there is a real. When the player stands up and is angry. We absorb all that energy and use it in your game."

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