Players will also receive 10,000 VC and get the zipline

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Because the City is only available to Buy MT 2K22 the latest consoles, the penthouse apartment is only unlocked by games with PS5 as well as Xbox Series X versions. To unlock the penthouse apartment, players must complete tasks that award MVP points. In total, 1,000,000 MVP points is required to be able to complete the MVP task of the City challenge.

Every quest completed will award players with points, but the amount of MVP points awarded will be different for each activity. Players can track their progress by visiting the quest menu, and then going to their progress in the City MVP section. Earning MVP points in NBA 2K22 is quite simple. Every action players take, from advancing in the MyCareer mode to strolling through the runway, will result in points.

But, certain tasks offer greater points than others. For example, completing the NBA Career Points: 5 (under the City MVP quests) will award players 100,000 points, and finishing the Personal Brand: Free Spirit 9 challenge will give 50k points. Other tasks, for instance, for instance, the Music Scene: Marvin's Room side quest or deciding on College and G-League and earning fewer points (1,000 one point).

In NBA 2K22, the crib is the main hub to play games, quests and networking. The penthouse apartments have an open floor plan with windows that look out over the City as well as plenty of costly furniture. In addition to the penthouse, there are two more benefits that come with earning an MVP award for the city. Players will also receive 10,000 VC and get the zipline. The zipline can be used to quickly travel from the penthouse in the City.

For new-gen console players, the penthouse house is one of NBA 2K22 how to buy MT three rewards that can be earned by accumulating 1,000,000 MVP points. The process involves completing a number of quests in the City and also in MyCareer mode. The amount of MVP points awarded per activity is contingent on which category the quest is in and the difficulty of finishing it. NBA 2K22 also awards players 10,000 VC and a zipline upon finishing the MVP of the City challenge.

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