This infographic is designed by Workability.

Workability is a market-leading health care company that has pioneered multidisciplinary rehabilitation in South Africa. Workability uses innovative technology and evidence-based clinical protocols to streamline the process of getting injured patients back to work and life, thereby directly reducing the cost to all stakeholders of absenteeism, injury and disability. WHAT WE DO QUALITY ASSURANCE In order to ensure that consistent outcomes are measured and promoted in each practice, Workability contracts occupational and physiotherapists as case managers. These case managers use the Workability IT system to review all the network practice therapists’ compliance with evidence-based clinical pathways, outcome measures and return-to-work statistics, thus ensuring consistency of intervention and streamlined outcomes. "We have treated over 30,000 patients across the network and our return-to-work success rate is 95% " OUR UNIQUE OFFERING NATIONAL REHAB NETWORK Workability has a growing national network of independently-owned practices that have aligned their treatment of patients with international standards to ensure consistency of intervention and streamlining of outcomes. THERAPIST EMPOWERMENT PLATFORM Our therapist empowerment platform allows us to reduce new practice set-up costs and establish practices in both large central and smaller remote geographical locations. These practices are further empowered with tools, training support services. STRATIFIED CARE Workability has developed risk stratification programs across all their products, which create an early intervention framework that mitigates the cost associated with high-risk cases and ensures clinical quality and streamlined outcomes.

Source: workplace injury rehabilitation