I sent in a brand new recovery petition

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Well I was now RuneScape gold training at green dragons yesterday and that I died to some berserker ghost type thing. Luckily my buddy was there to keep my grave living so that I could get to all of my things cept my own FIGHTER TORSO THAT I WORKED 12 HOURS STRAIT FOR AND I LOST IT THE DAY I GOT IT!

So anyway, I had been making decent gain in the time since I was purchasing and selling my glory ammy every 4 trips because I didn't do the Hero's quest however, also I had been buying the lobbies, therefore every three to four excursions I had been making 100k profit which isn't all that bad ? How do I prevent myself from dying from a ghost? My battle level is 86, and my stats are in my sig.

Alright,you'll think I am idiotic aftear reading this,but we. Alright,so yesterday,I had been playing FunOrb,also got DCed.No prob,right? I re-Log in,and It states I am already LOGGED IN! The match believed I was still playing,but I was DCed! (Dis-Connected) So I got a bit freaked out,and thought someone hacked me. (Silly me,I made the incorrect choice. AAARGH!

And this is where I need you guys's help. I sent in a brand new recovery petition,went to bed,and it's still pending. Can you believe I will get my thoughts back,and is there anything I can do further,and can you guys suggest exactly what I do,thanks.I'm just scared I may need to begin all my hard work over again. As long as you understand the retrieval query replies and the payment details to your membership (In addition to any other vital details) your accounts ought to be OK. It can just sometimes have some time to recover your account.

Ok, so after not playing RuneScape for 1 year, I am back and needing to be a member again in April. I have a couple questions about a couple of matters. 1. I dropped all of my members items because I thought they'd use up my bank space.... do they? 2. B ) When reverted to a seed and recharged, is it better that the mage bows? I truly don't know how the degrading works. 3. I have 216 QP, meaning I've dropped RS 2107 Gold lots of quest related items.

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