I'm asking these questions so as to maximise the number of things

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Aims for OSRS gold  1 month. 1. Get a name change (easy). 2. Get a skillcape, so I can return back to F2P without believing that I've wasted $18 of my cash on just a title change. (Easy to buy one) 3, Get a skill in 99 so I can get a skillcape. (Extremely hard, depending upon the ability ) 4. Do some arbitrary member things and level my range. (Medium difficulty) 5. ) Thus, I've picked my highest battle stat are the one I snag a skillcape. My plans to acquire a 99. I'll be training on armoured zombies or bandits, whichever I find preferable, not to mention, easy to sustain for long periods of training.

Is Dscim good for coaching strength, or should I buy another weapon? Is you can even get 8m exp within that 1 month? After obtaining that skillcape (I trust:box:-RRB-, I wish to work on my range.

Any more efficient method of getting high assortment of around 70+, in comparison to rune c'bow? Which quests would benefit a F2P, or even a P2P in the brief time I am one? I am unable to complete all quests, or even a third of them, at the time that I'm a member. Then again, a few quests just wouldn't assist me whatsoever (Wolf Whistle), after I have gone back to F2P. Monkey madness would quicken my training marginally, but the majority of the other quests only aren't useful to mepersonally, unless I am a prolonged member.

I'm asking these questions so as to maximise the number of things I could get done in associates. I really don't need to be like my classmate that just bought members and randomly began training skills, as I am unable to afford continual obligations of 18 dollars per month. Thus, I understood that most members on these forums are more experienced than me , and could advise me on how to go about cheap RS gold doing things. Thanks!

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