5 ways to open the blocked tube with hair

Hair is the killer of sewer pipes! If hair enters the tube, it can quickly become blocked. Here are 5 ways to open a blocked tube with hair.

Why are sewer pipes blocked?

Sometimes it happens that different types of materials such as hair, plastic materials, etc. get stuck in the path of the pipes and cause water-resistant layers. This waterproof layer covers the entire body of the sewer and as a result prevents water from penetrating the well and causes the well to overflow quickly. It is a multifaceted and unpleasant event of a clogged sewage well that deprives the inhabitants of their homes of sleep, peace and comfort. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. What do you do for a living?

How to open a kitchen sewer pipe

If you have not had a problem with the sink for some time, the clogging is related to the throat part of the sink. Sewer pipes and sinks are due to grease and food particles that enter the sewer pipe through the sink. Placing the net on the sink hole prevents fine material from entering the dishwasher siphon. Sometimes opening the siphon under the sink and cleaning it will solve your problem. Open the bottom of the sink in the lower cabinet to fix the problem. In superficial clogs, you can open the kitchen drain with a small pump.

You need to take action before the pipes are completely blocked. First, pump the sink drain with a small hand pump. If there is still a blockage, you must open the throat completely.

1-Household solution for opening sewer pipes
baking soda
A handkerchief large enough to be placed on the drain hole to block it.
A kettle full of boiling water
In the first step, empty half a packet of baking soda in the sink. Empty it straight into the sink without mixing it with anything. After pouring baking soda, empty half a cup of vinegar into the sewer. Now it's time to quickly close the sewer with a napkin, try to close the exit way very carefully so that nothing can come out, because as a result of the reaction between these two substances you will see a small eruption that is upwards and you You must prevent the material from leaving. The mixture should stay in the tube for 30 minutes. Prepare a kettle of boiling water and after 30 minutes, gently empty the boiling water into the tube. are you done. Sometimes it may be necessary to do this more than once, but it is usually enough to do it all at once.

2-Open the sewer pipes using a pump
In this method, the pump pushes the material forward with water pressure and opens the clogging path. This method is without carving and destruction. Of course, the use of the pump is related to the diagnosis of the pipe opener. A professional pipe opener, seeing the condition and the degree of clogging of the pipes, suggests the best solution to remove the clogging of the sewer pipes. This method is not applicable at all for severe cramps.

3-Eliminate clogged wells and sewage with air density
Severe blockages do not open with pumping. In these cases, a device called an air compression device is used, which opens it by collecting the air in the tank and the sudden pressure of air into the sewer pipe. The air compression device and the method of using it are such that the pipes are not damaged. You can not use this method if the pipes are leaking or rotten. In this case, the pipe opener is always the best offer.

4-Open sewer pipes with springs
Spring opening tube is the most common method. In cases where a larger object is blocking the sewer pipes, the opening pipe spring is more effective than in other cases. The sewer pipe spring is a simple device that works alone or with the help of another motor. This spring is made of steel and has the ability to open sewer pipes. Even if a foreign body gets stuck in the sewer pipes, it is possible to use an opening pipe spring to remove the foreign body.

5-Open the sewer pipe with boiled water
This is not an easy task, put the kettle on the stove or in the microwave and pour as much water as it can and boil it. Now pour it gently into the tube in two or three steps. Let some hot water. Run every second and then pour the next series of water. This is always the easiest and fastest solution. If the tube opens before the boiling water runs out, congratulate yourself and make yourself a cup of tea with the rest.

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