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Beginning on December 18, the three-week robbery flashback event will be held in Path of Exile on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. For players on the Path of Exile, they can Buy Exalted Orb to enhance their game strength and give themselves an advantage in the heist flashback event.

This is a robbery backfire event: the last three events in March at the end of the league will begin in the ARPG exile of the developer GGG. Here you can call it one last time, and most importantly, there are many mods to ensure more loot. As with previous events, there are also some places to win. The event will start at 9:00 PM on December 18, 2020. It will end at 7:00 pm on January 4, 2021. The following game modes are provided: standard Autark, hardcore Autark. This is not "avoid incidents".

This is the special feature of the flashback event of the robbery. This is the difference between the flashback event and the league and other events: this event is not "invalid". This means that after the event, all loot and characters will enter the corresponding permanent alliance, and you can keep them. In addition to the famous robbery alliance mechanism, each area/map will also contain three random Mods from past alliances. However, these mods change randomly every hour.

You can win the game in the Heist Flashback event. The structure of the trophy is similar to the "Endless Dreamcatcher" event, except that there are different options this time. In addition, you can trade with other players. There are different MTXs again, and they do their best to win the authority of the demigods.

Twilight Surprise Box: In the flashback event, once you reach level 50, you will automatically receive a Twilight Surprise Box. This is a guaranteed reward, only once per account per activity. Balancing multiple characters in the same event does not grant additional surprise boxes. Randomly awarded microtransactions: When one of the thresholds is reached, you will automatically participate in one of the microtransaction prizes. These awards are randomly assigned, including POE Currency or other precious treasures, and shared among all active versions.