80 in Magic and Hitpoints abilities and 45 or more Prayer skill level.

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CHAOS DRUIDS. Particularly susceptible to RuneScape gold Ranged weapons Combat level 13 chaos druids make for an easy prey, be vigilant though as chaos druids place are usually haunted by participant killers, so equip only necessary combat items and require one-click teleporter with you just in case. There aren't any special requirements apart from membership.

GREEN DRAGON HUNTING. Although there are just two ways of coming to the hunt, only the safer one will be described here since it is more profitable one. The other involves roaming the Wilderness and thus forces player to danger his/hers spoils to player killers' ambushes.

Again finishing Dragon Slayer II pursuit is necessary, aside from that 80 Combat skill level or more or 60 Ranged skill level and 25 Prayer skill level are essential. After all set and ready, visit Myth's Guild basement and just slay the dragons. They spawn in pair, overall you need to be able to kill around 170 per hour. By killing the Green Dragons, you may obtain Green Dragonhide - yet another valuable item. You could even consider farming Blue Dragons.

There is no simple method of making gold as tasks vary considerably, describing every experience is beyond the scope of this guide, this entrance here is only for educational purposes, aimed to provide player a general idea about what could be done to enhance his/hers fiscal condition. Both gold creating methods are pretty demanding concerning experience difficulty and required abilities and gear thus are reserved for experienced gamers.

Zulrah is famed for always good drops and buy OSRS gold high gold per hour prices and advantage of being solo-only experience. It demands from player a lot of preparations but do not let this dissuade you from attempting, it's worth the attempt. It is immune to melee attacks so instead of high Melee skill you will need 80 or greater Ranged skill level, at least 70 Defence skill level, 80 in Magic and Hitpoints abilities and 45 or more Prayer skill level.

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