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Just little patch function is going to Mut 21 coins be added at this point. Its demands a total rip down and reconstruct and its too late for that at Madden21 and EA knows that. EA has seen our outside shout and got fearful of all the money that they could shed on franchise lovers not buying the game this year in order that they set this guy up to calm us down knowing nothing major will come of this and he'll be the fall guy, maybe not EA as a whole.

I don't give a fuck. Go fuck yourselves. In the event the franchise community was critically important we wouldn't get 8 bullet points about bug fixes, vague talk of X-Factors and telling us that the 2020 Playoff format was a fucking feature. Make adjustments and I won't buy your recycled garbage. Someone else can spend $2000 on your stupid sim license. They've been making empty claims for several years. It is much too late in the dev cycle for them to do anything regarding franchise mode for Madden 21. The best we can hope for is advancements to Madden 22. Did you read the article? It merely spoke about changes that were made to franchise style for last calendar year, which the changes mentioned really did happen. They just weren't significant.

"We just want to add this wealthy depth and immersion to it we're beginning to think about it like a sports RPG." Every year they hype a bunch of minor adjustments and discuss how important franchise mode is and will continue to be. And every year it's the exact same outdated and buggy manner it was a decade ago. My guess is that they had a plan for this. Each year that they push their luck further and further before discovering our breaking point.

This season was that point, and today they will add in some sort of compromise that while probably will not be anything revolutionary, it'll be something to tide us over. I'll take anything at this point. So basically they are admitting they had no plans to do anything for franchise whatsoever until people really got angry? Disgusting.

EA now has roughly 7 weeks to tell us how they're likely to #FixMaddenFranchise to get Madden 22. I don't wish to hear small post-launch improvements for M21. Make commitments for next year, today. With particulars. Good that they responded. But Madden 21 is petty done. There will not be any major changes due to all this. However a little hope for next year. I'd bet money they release the game with the same shitty version of franchise mode they've declared, with a promise of adding attributes or some bullshit down the road. All this signifies is next year they'll include 1 attribute that they needed in 2007 and madden 21 coins ps4 rebrand it as fresh.

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