Madden 21 franchise update: a step in the right direction

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The franchise update on Madden 21 is a very welcome step in the right direction for EA. The January Madden 21 update made some pretty big changes, so let's take a look at how it went down. This update has some important game updates, including area coverage and the elimination of time loopholes in winning games by making opponents withdraw. But so far, the focus of this update is the franchise model. As always, players can Buy MUT 21 Coins to enhance their game capabilities.

The FixMaddenFranchise legend has always been EA's year of struggle, but this is an important step in the right direction. Commissioners around the world are celebrating more controls and flexibility in the game. These tools allow self-management so that the alliance can improve the level of simulation and reality. They are very flexible, so each league can be set to suit the players. The MUT Coins plays an indispensable role in all aspects and can be used to purchase advanced player cards and keep them in the Ultimate Team.

The update of the House Rules is a special highlight. Setting a limit on the number of plays (play limit) and the number of plays you have to wait for the second call (play interval) are huge improvements. This style of play is what distinguishes MUT from franchise, and the league often encounters problems with players mixing these modes. There are still some examples floating in r/Madden’s trading logic that does not work properly, but they cannot be verified as updated, but some examples are because the current player is injured.

Overall, the feedback was very positive. In the EA community, this is equivalent to staying silent. This year the fans’ confidence in the game has caused a great loss, but this is definitely a big step in the right direction. Someone might say that these things should have been solved long ago, and they are easy to solve, and they may be correct, but this does not change that these modifications are a step in the right direction.

What's next? First, EA needs to restore the PC server that has CFM games in Madden 21. Then, they need to take further steps to make the franchise model more immersive and more suitable for playing games. These are likely to be pushed into "Madden 22", but if they do not show any progress in "Madden 21" and make them want to buy the next batch of products, EA may lose some annual customers. Whenever you need to buy Madden 21 Coins, GameMS will provide you with high-quality services immediately.