Idk if that is my cup of tea hahah

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This is so cool! I really like to play ac and Nook Miles Ticket overcooked with friends so this could be a beautiful crossover!The only improvement I could think of would be to alter among those villagers to Swedish Chef.Is that match fun? (Which I assume yes haha) I have been advised to get it so many people but I don't understand what it's

It is a co-op game about teamwork. To be effective you have to talk about jobs, however, the game throws wrenches in the gears, so that you gotta switch jobs quickly. You want to make dishes according to a timer and food can burn, causing fire to spread through the kitchen, so a great deal is time based, adding tons of stress. It is a very enjoyable game but one which will surely give you heart palpitations and maybe a shattered controller or two.Animal crossing Minecraft wolf!

Oh wow yeah . . Idk if that is my cup of tea hahah. I nearly didn't purchase the pikman game since I saw it was"timed" but ended up putting it anyway. Surely less intensely timed as this game seems though lol

Ohh no, Pikmin is fairly chill, sometimes moderate anxiety levels when there are boss fights or a number of your men are still out while coming sundown but nothing too bad really. Overcooked is hectic but if you do not mind that type of Animal Crossing Bells For Sale thing it is a very fun game. arghh! And the flames are all around the kitchen

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