How to play NBA 2K21 Online with friends

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Playing with friends from previous generation consoles requires you to have a backward-compatible copy of NBA 2K21, and you may also encounter trouble when trying to invite people from the same generation of consoles to join your team. You will notice that the player list on the mobile phone is not always accurate, which makes players think about whether they can still play games online with their friends in NBA 2K21. Don't worry, because you can still play with your teammates in NBA 2K21, but you only need to jump out a few extra laps. If you want to have advanced star players, then welcome to Buy 2K MT.

If you can’t seem to join the player’s lobby, or they can’t join your lobby via their mobile phone, you need to go to the record center. After entering the record center, pull out the phone and search for the person you want to invite in the "online users" list. Scroll to their names and click on them to display submenus. Select "Invite you to enter the entertainment hall" and the invitation will be sent to your friends. After accepting the invitation, they will appear in the same Rec Center as you. Go to the park with your friends to play with other players. To learn more about NBA 2K21 MT, welcome to visit our website GameMS.

PlayStation 5 users have a more straightforward option. They can try to play with friends in NBA 2K21. Your friends need to connect to NBA 2K21 and The City to use this method, because you will join their meeting. After entering the opponent’s profile, you will see a small indicator at the bottom left of the screen, indicating that they are playing NBA 2K21. If "Joinable" is displayed under it, you can join their conversation via this indicator by following the party's instructions.

If you are already playing NBA 2K21 before applying this method, you will encounter a loading screen that will take you to your friend's lobby. If you don’t play the game beforehand, the game will open automatically, but sometimes an error may occur and you will hang on the main menu. We recommend that you open NBA 2K21 and enter The City before attending the conference to ensure that you try to enter the lobby for the first time. If none of the above methods work for you, please try to exit The City and rejoin, and then try again. You can purchase NBA 2K21 MT before playing the game to enhance your strength in the game.