Madden NFL 21 is officially coming to Stadia this week

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Last April, we learned that Electronic Arts will bring its games to Stadia. When announcing this news, EA also stated that the Madden NFL series will enter the platform, but it has never specified which item in the series will become Stadia. The first entry. Well, EA finally decided to announce that the work will be Madden NFL 21. If you Buy MUT Coins, then this will also be available on the platform.

Obviously, EA is holding some kind of Pro Bowl promotion for Madden, and actual NFL players from Pro Bowl will participate in Madden 21 to attract fans of the sport. Therefore, EA not only announced the Stadia version that will be released on the 28th, but also announced that all platforms including Stadia will provide free weekends from the 28th, thereby linking the Stadia version of Madden NFL 21 to this promotion. The 31st was the day when the main Pro Bowl game kicked off in the game and the day when the actual Pro Bowl game was broadcast on TV.

EA also announced that once the game’s free trial period ends, Madden NFL 21: Superstar Edition will be available on all platforms at a 60% discount, and this sale will continue until February 8. Such a low discount is the best time for you to Buy MUT 21 Coins. Regrettably, EA has not set the price of the Stadia version, and it is not clear whether the game will provide cross-platform multiplayer support. Considering that the game does not yet have this feature on the existing platform, it can be safely assumed that the Stadia version will also lack this feature in this field.

EA finally announced the release date of Madden NFL on Stadia, and proposed a free weekend from the release day to truly take advantage of the in-game Pro Bowl events related to the actual Pro Bowl that will be held on the 31st. It's great to see the price listed in today's announcement or some form of confirmation of what fans can expect from the multiplayer aspect of the game on Stadia. Nevertheless, there will be a free weekend at least on the 28th. In this way, people can try the game to decide whether they like what they see. If you need more Madden 21 Coins, please visit GameMS.

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