Additionally There Are Lots of quests worth completing for Prayer

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1. Gear up for combat as you'll be fighting reanimated monsters. Purchase or choose from the bank ensouled heads, dramen or lunar staff, food and some other potions that OSRS gold you might want in addition to runes which you will utilize to reanimate souls. 2. 3. Teleport to Dark Altar with Fairy Ring (code CIS) from Edgeville or some other place. 4. 5. Use house tablet to cure if you've Rejuvenation Pool and should not use Amulet of glory to access the bank in Edgeville. 6. Repeat the process

Additionally There Are Lots of quests worth completing for Prayer adventure like Holy Grail exploration, Priest in Peril, Ghosts Ahoy, Recruitment Drive, Spirits of the Elid and more. They're worth checking out since they provide nice quantity of xp per hour making them great alternative.

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