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The Path of Exile NeverSink loot filter may be your best friend, especially in the final game after the last 3.13 patch. How to buy, install and use. After the "Path of Exile" patch 3.13, many players tried to lock in their best POE Currency filtering tool. For those who want to make the most of the results of plunder, the NeverSink loot filter may be the answer.

The path of exile took plunder to a new level, perhaps even too far away. As you become more and more overwhelmed by piles of objects, sieving in the chaff can quickly become a chore. That being said, this is not necessarily the case. Once the final game material on Path of Exile is reached, using the loot filter will become the only practical way to play. With the latest update of Atlas 3.13 patch, the final game of "Path of Exile" is more profitable.

As the most popular loot filter among "Path of Exile" players, NeverSink comes with a large number of options, some of which are specifically designed to help players still level their characters. After completing these steps, you will successfully install and activate the NeverSink loot filter. Since there are many loot filters available, please spend some time experimenting to find the best filter for you. For more information, please consider checking out our "Path of Exile" guide treasure trove to learn all about this loot adventure.

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