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Upcoming Madden 21 patch will create drafting QBs more plausible

Madden NFL 21's next huge Franchise mode update will correct an area which players have long complained about: AI-controlled teams drafting first-round quarterbacks once the club has ability, even newcomer talent, in that position.

The new logic that is coming states an AI team in Franchise will"deprioritize creating a first round QB" if any one of seven conditions are met. Further, even if a team has a starting quarterback over age 35, they'll look at accepting a replacement. EA Tiburon, the developing studio, spelled out those requirements in a blog post on Wednesday, but did not say exactly when this patch would launch.

"Like real life, there can still be times where a staff determines a participant is just too good to buy mut coins madden 21 pass up, depending on the circumstance," Madden's developers composed. Therefore the new draft logic does not totally rule out bonehead situations; the Bears drafted Mitch Trubisky IRL, after all. One rule increasing a team interest in drafting a first-round quarterback: If the current starting quarterback is over 35 years old, then they'll be interested in a replacement, no matter his evaluation or traits.

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