Still adorable, and playing the sport

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I see folks with Animal Crossing Bells like space themes and mad nice looking wood materials or villager houses have themes and I have never seen any of these from the shop.

The only things I have the prerequisites met to make are the beginning things it is infuriating. I have gotten a couple of Halloween things I suspect but not really helpful.

If it weren't for your Abel sisters and collecting cute clothes I would have completely checked out months ago.I feel like I would get way more enjoyment if I could have several islands. Imagine just starting up a new island exactly like you would begin a brand new universe in Minecraft. You can make new designs without needing to let go of your prior creations.

Still adorable, and playing the sport, but still lacking some central key characters. I expect year 2 concentrates more on those things vs events. I want to buy Animal Crossing Items enjoy Island LIFE not just Island design.

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