While race can play a role as you mentioned

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So that's 1 reason Animal Crossing Bells people get mad about it. It's gone way beyond the actual problematic part though and people who don't understand what they're talking about are using the term.This is extremely correct. But harassing some rando online who happened to go viral. . .doesn't look like the method to get anything done.

I feel like I have seen that even outside of racial concepts too. Like someone is into one hobby or interest that's viewed as a"failure" hobby, but then it slowly gets accepted by the mainstream and its no longer detrimental be say you are interested in X item or do X thing.

Like growing up you were outcast to become to nerdy stuff for instance. Couldn't talk about it at work else you would get outcast, in school you'd get bullied, etc.. But now its the hip trendy item and its suddenly okay.

While race can play a role as you mentioned, it is but only 1 facet to the above all problem.Yeah, the same type of thing occurs there with any selection of marginalized groups. It is just particularly obvious with racebecause western white people have a long and proud history of blending parts of black culture.

It all comes down to whether or not you're being disrespectful, yeah. Provided that you're using a hairstyle only because you think it looks good, go to it, it's your own hair. People can not simply fucking trademark hairstyles. If I were to reverse the problem and state black folks should not be permitted to straighten their hair and style it in certain ways because"that is a white folks thing", I'd be known as Cheap Nook Miles Ticket a fucking idiot, and rightfully so.

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