What Is CE Mark Certificate and steps involved in CE Mark Certificate?

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CE Mark certificate could be a legal demand of the European Union. CE mark Certification in Portugal is applicable on merchandise that is falling below at least one harmonized new approach directives. All products don't need to be CE certified. solely that merchandise that there exists a replacement approach directive need CE certification. Many products require CE marking before they'll be sold in the European Union. CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and is meeting EU safety, health, and environmental protection needs. it's needed for products which can be factory-made anyplace within the world, however area unit then marketed within the European Union.

Steps involved in CE Certification

STEP 1: Identify the Directive(s) that area unit applicable to your product. you'll be able to transfer these directives freed from charge from the ECU Union web site

STEP 2: Identify the conformity assessment procedure that has to be taken. this might be self-declaration, involve testing, review, or quality system assessment from a Notified Body or a mixture of those. The conformity assessment procedure can disagree betting on your product and therefore the Directive in respect of that you'll be CE marking.

STEP 3: CE mark Registration in Portugal Determine the dates by that you need to take action. this can be the date that the Directive comes into force. the bulk of directives area unit already effective. In these cases, it's an offense to place a product on the market while not CE marking as a result of it indicates a presumption of conformity with all relevant Legislation.

STEP 4: Identify if there are any harmonized European Standards applicable to your product. These don't seem to be invariably mandatory for makers though there's a presumption that conformity to those standards can offer conformity with the relevant part of the Directive. Whenever potential or acceptable, makers ought to follow harmonically standards.

STEP 5: Ensure the product complies with all the essential needs of the Directive(s). Take acceptable measures to obey or identify existing knowledge and take a look at reports.

STEP 6: Identify whether or not the freelance assessment of your conformity to the Directive, or some aspects of it, is needed from a Notified Body. this can be explicit within the directive and depends upon the merchandise you're CE marking. you need not affix CE marking to your product till all necessary certifications are obtained from the Notified Body.

STEP 7: Maintain Technical Documentation needed by the Directive(s). Your technical documentation ought to support your compliance with the necessities of the Directive. CE Mark Certification Services in Portugal is essential to retain this documentation.

STEP 8: Prepare the Declaration of Conformity and therefore the needed supporting proof. The Declaration of Conformity alongside the Technical Documentation ought to be offered to Competent Authorities (EU Members) upon request.

STEP 9: Check that no alternative strictly national needs exist within the countries wherever the merchandise is going to be sold-out. These might embrace national standards, labeling, or packaging needs.

STEP 10: Affix CE marking on your product and/or its packaging and related literature as stated within the directive.

How to verify a CE certificate?

Below are straightforward checks that one will perform once whether a CE certificate.

  • Verify, whether or not this certificate is verified on-line or not.
  • Check if the certificate is touching on a technical file and its version
  • Verify if the certificate is referring to take a look at the report or not
  • Check if the certificate is referring to all applicable directive
  • Verify if the quality mentioned within the certificate is that the latest version or not
  • Check if the contact details like the phone and address of the certification body are mentioned on the certificate.

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