is a life-saviour. A 5-star rating from my side. is a life-saviour. A 5-star rating from my side.

I wanted help straight from the experts to write my research proposal. I highly recommend the website Myassignmenthelp .

My budget wasn't high. I live by my scholarship money and a part-time job. I was hunting for someone who could meet all my said conditions. When I first researched, the first thing that I noticed was there are super cheap. And as I was looking for the same thing, it was a match made in heaven.

I am super satisfied with the quality of the assignment, and so is my professor. I bet that they are not scam providers.

So, here I will list down why I love My Assignment Help so much, and I advise to use the website to every student out there-

  1. Cheap service provider

Yes, I found MyAssignmentHelp Reviews super cheap. Not only they suited my budget so well, but I saw a number of students saying the same thing.

Unlike other academic support services, does not have a fixed starting price, and I actually had the rates customised as per my assignment requirements. 

  1. Unique referral system

I am now one of those privileged students who have a unique referral code. When I went to, I was told that if I liked their services, I can refer 5 of my friends and earn up to $2000.


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And yes, it’s real. I won it. My friends loved their assignments, and I was paid in my e-wallet for referring them.

  1. Premium benefits

Upon contacting, I was asked if I want to avail the premium services. I was not very sure and doubted if it will be reliable. To my surprise, my assignment was written by a 5-star writer. I had the facility to change the writer if I don't like my paper's quality. But the writer was extremely talented and good and wrote me a scoring research proposal.

  1. Offers and discounts

The website offers overwhelming discounts. So I was a first-timer there, and I got a signup bonus. 

They also have bulk order discount, repeat order discount, buy two get one free on assignment rates and many such. is a one-stop destination for me for the rest of my career.

  1. Payment methods

Despite all the lucrative prices and offers, I was a bit dubious about the payment process of However, I faced no issues in paying them; I must say they have an extremely safe payment gateway. I paid via credit card.

If you do not own a credit card, online transfer and PayPal is the most trusted payment gateway they have. Choose as per your convenience.

For me, is a life-saviour. A 5-star rating from my side.


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