EA's Madden may not be an ideal simulation

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EA's Madden may not be an ideal simulation, and Madden 21 coins many NFL fans, myself included, are keen to find out what 2K Sports can perform with its very own, different NFL video game. However, the 2021 Pro Bowl was the best ad Madden has had in years -- a fun flow that was good for the league, good for the game, and fun to see. It should eventually become a new tradition.

Madden NFL 21 Super Bowl simulator: Buccaneers top Chiefs in Super Bowl LV on Malcolm Butler-esque ending

It is almost time for Super Bowl LV. We're only hours away from Super Bowl 55 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, but I decided to utilize some time awaiting kickoff in the simplest way possible. I flipped on my Xbox, started up Madden NFL 21, and set up a simulation of this matchup to help predict what buffs will see on Sunday night. Let's just say that we are searching to get an instant classic if the real life game is anything like what the video game jobs.

It may not come as much surprise which Super Bowl LV ended in a similar style to Tom Brady's previous wins with the most Super Bowl titles all time (six, to be precise ). We've got Super Bowl XXXVI and Super Bowl XXXVIII, where Brady can thank game-winning shouts from Adam Vinatieri for two of his rings. While Brady is creating his most recent title bid with a different team, in case the Madden NFL football gods make our newest CBS Sports simulation of Super Bowl LV come true in Sunday, Brady will have a replica of possibly the most exciting tournament of his career.

Jordan Whitehead jumped into the same course as former Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler (circa Super Bowl XLIX) as he managed to secure a Super Bowl-winning interception in the end zone away Patrick Mahomes. With just 33 seconds left to buy Madden nfl 21 coins play in Super Bowl LV and Kansas City at the 1-yard lineup whilst down by six points, Mahomes, that probably could have just rushed for the score, rolled out left and tried to associate with tight end Travis Kelce to get a touchdown. Afterward, Whitehead was able to jump in front of the throw, tug Mahomes' pass, and assist Tampa Bay pull the 20-14 victory to give them their next Super Bowl in franchise history.

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