What is the difference between duplex and semi-detached?

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Duplex, as the name suggests, is a double dwelling under one roof with a shared wall. As per the town planner's views, a duplex is a self-contained dwelling that has upper and lowers detached units. Every single unit out of the two has separate ownership implying that both the owners have unique identities and both the units can be owned and sold. Duplexes necessarily require building insurance policy covering the homes. Duplexes require lesser land size holding than the two freestanding homes. Duplexes have separate rental living with a rented section for one of the parts as the entrances are separate, but the walls are common.

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There can be some issues while living in a duplex, such as unreasonable neighbors that can disturb the peace and harmony in a family. In this case, the land cost is lesser, and there is only one neighborhood with decent pets and plays. At the same time, semi-attached single dwellings are the ones having a common wall with the smaller backyard that can be double as off-street parking. It has a single dining room and a single kitchen and it may have separate entry points for both the floors. The semi-attached offers more privacy than an apartment but the maintenance in this case is lesser than a house. These homes include privacy and a private space for a family to grow and there is a more probability of developing and fostering a family living. Semi-attached residents are less affected by the noise and disturbance posed by the neighbors. The semi-attached houses have a higher scope for the renovation. Duplex or the attached homes are quite famous for Calgary sales as the locales prefer these homes. Both the duplexes and semi-attached homes in Calgary are expensive than the condos and other properties.

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