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Path of Exile is a free ARPG provided by Grinding Gear Games, allowing players to play the role of your exile from your hometown, trapped in the sinister Wraeclast continent, you need to get some POE Currency Xbox to build weapons. Players must be alone or in cooperation with other exiles to survive in this post-apocalyptic fantasy world. Realistic, inner fighting and tough artistic style will help players immerse themselves in this cruel survivalist game world.

    Persistent World|There are towns and central hubs where players can meet other players for good old role-playing. The instance limit is 4-8 players per instance.
    Free to download and play|Completely 100% free to play games, supplemented by micro-transactions to improve beauty.
    Indoor and outdoor areas are randomly generated-no longer need to traverse the same instance repeatedly!
    PvP | A highly competitive PvP environment, including competitions and world PvP areas.
    Abundant skills! |Provide a variety of customizable skills. Even better, skills are not limited to specific categories.

    Duelist|Melee combat master, can cause fatal damage while avoiding fatal damage. You can purchase POE Currency to enhance your game strength.
    Predator|Relying on pure power and ferocity, this type is good at causing destructive damage when hit by a heavy blow.
    Ranger|Slim, elegant, agile and fast are the trademarks of Ranger, and he is also good at ranged and melee weapons.
    Witches are proficient in primitive magic, elements and dark arts, and can cure diseases, curses and death from a long distance.
    Templars The Templars brought hope, faith and sacred enthusiasm to a lonely land, relying on their physical skills and justice to defeat the enemy and help those in need.
    Shadow|Shadow is a hybrid type that combines dexterity and intelligence.

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