The hitter isn't able to square up on the pitch

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When a hitter squares up it he must 100% get the better outcome. The significant pitching issue is that the ball virtually The show 21 stubs never ends up where it should despite hitting the hoop accurately.No he shouldn't, but thank you for confirming the Slugfest theory. That's not how baseball works. If a pitcher puts the ball at a good spot/location, and get everything on his pitch (speed/spin/etc), then the pitcher generally gets the greater result.What you are saying is fantastic pitch, fantastic place, excellent implementation.... But I had been great too, give me my homer. Why? Well because.... That is the true definition of RNG, as it does not matter what the pitcher does, just what the hitter inputs.

Honestly, I get much more frustrated with the pitching inconsistencies than the hitting ones.I can't talk for everyone, but for me personally, I know I'm likely to have the game anyway. There are some major flaws with the Cheap MLB 21 the show stubs game, but in the long run, I still like playing, so may too pre-order to get the bonuses.

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