I'm thinking that it would work in the event

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The screen shots will likely cause lag to the OSRS gold match so if anyone has any better ideas here post on this. Nevertheless, the whole idea of a screen shot is to identify whether the player is talking at all. Many Macroers have a script which will allow players to talk to you and you'll have a set question or queries that the program will react to. The screen shot will just help check the conversation on that player.

I'm thinking that it would work in the event that you just tracked the well know areas were most macroers work, such as in draynor. That is the place I usually go and get willows. I typically find anywhere from 10- 25 macroers ever couple of hours , just within my own world. All that I am asking is a program that will track the stated areas. Additionally, it will have a perfect view into the trees and will have the ability to record all that hit the trees and then you're going to have the ability to find a list of those players, levels in WC and comb. The levels of comb right there ought to help weed out many macroers.

Yea this thought isnt for an immediate ban, no. The people that are found suspicous will just be placed onto a watch that the jagex team can track more closely. I know they already have a version of the moving, just not with Buy 2107 runescape gold the whole tree viewing idea. There are numerous men and women who do timber cutting for hours and are not macroers, this notion will only place them on to a watch that will see if they're macroers or just ordinary players.

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