You Try And Make The Dyes Using Her Couldron

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Start Point: Lost land of Guthix (new added for pursuit islandit is where the last battle of the war 200 years ago occurred and zammorak and saradomin were made to leave runescape and never set foot on it ). To begin: Speak to this OSRS gold Guthix Archeoligist Instructions: 1 ). Talk to the Gutix Archeoligist, he will inform you he has discovered something in the floor but it's very big and still deep in the ground. 2. Catch your spade and put it to use on the digsite (you will have to do that 5 times until you can grab pull on the artifact out. 3. Once you have dug out the artifact the archeoligist tells you to take it to the Head Guthix Architect.

Proceed to the Head Guthix Architect and he lets you know this is only one of the three idols they've found, also he says they look like the symbols of their gods. After extensive talking along with a split-screen at the start Rs gold 2107 of the war involving Saradomin and Zammorak, the Guthix Architect informs you to conserve the idols (in other words fix them). To fix the Saradomin Idol (will become Saradomin sword during the god warfare in the event that you chose sara as your god) you need to utilize 5 mithril bars, two golden bars and 10 sapphires on the idol, after which you enchant it with lvl 3 enchant.

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