4 Tips To Present A Stellar Literature Review

However, it's normal for people to have a bias, so biased work may not always be useless. But you should still note it down your literature review for credibility’s sake.

Most students aren't strangers to preparing literature reviews for their research papers. But very few actually get it right, believe the  paper writers  online. Preparing a literature review requires you to analyse the existing literature related to your chosen topic and field.

Now, while writing this section of your paper, you may have thoughts like, "How can I use  Paraphrasing Tool ?" On that note, let's delve into a few steps for writing excellent literature reviews.

1. Find the most interesting resources in your field
In general, a literature review has to be up-to-date, so your readers understand the current situation of the field. Begin by looking for the most recent publications in the discipline you're working on. Use these pieces to gain an idea of ​​what's going on in your field, when you're faced with the thought, "How can I use  Homework help ?"

You could also skim through the bibliographies in the works you're already using or ask your professor for suggested readings if you need more ideas. You can also the skilled research paper writers online.

2. Recognise the main argument of each work you read
Most of the literature you'll be reading for your literature review will present an argument or at least some perspective. Finding the argument of each work you use is a crucial part of your literature review, so you must write these down as you're reading your sources.
Try to present each argument as simply as possible in a  custom writing service . Present the author's idea in a sentence, if you can.

3. Assess the sources and evidence that each author has used
For your literature review, it's not sufficient to simply state the author's argument. You also have to evaluate that argument. Check the sources and evidence the author has employed to build a strong argument. When you're writing the review, note how the evidence helps or affects the author's arguments.

The evidence that the author presents has to be easy to locate, and they must present clear citations if possible. If you can't find the sources the author has employed, then their argument may be invalid.

4. Find out if the author has any personal bias
Bias can also indicate whether or not the literature is useful. A biased author may overstate the conclusion or leave out evidence that contradicts their arguments. Notice bias in the work you use and write it down in your literature review.

However, it's normal for people to have a bias, so biased work may not always be useless. But you should still note it down your literature review for credibility's sake.

Preparing incredible literature reviews just became a whole lot convenient.

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