Path of Exile 2shows its gorgeous second act with a new trailer

Grinding Gear gave us a proper understanding of the first release of Path of Exile 2.

Grinding Gear gave us a proper understanding of the first release of Path of Exile 2. It comes with a new trailer and a 20-minute commentary. As part of the live broadcast, a new Path of Exile was announced.  But don't give up the current league, you can still Buy POE Currency to make your game more complete.

The new trailer and walkthrough will focus on the second action of the seven planned actions. Players will chase the enemy in the desert with the help of a large caravan of nomadic tribes, which is also the main center of the action. After finding a path through the mountain pass, the player needs to fight through the network of tunnels leading to the gatehouse to open the gate and continue chasing.

This is an exciting scene and shows some new weapon types. The spear has built-in movement skills, and the spear shown allows the player to charge for bonus damage or sprint to avoid damage. This works well with the basic attack, a series of quick jabs, and then a heavy thrust. Stand firm to get the maximum damage, or avoid the middle of the key combination to avoid being attacked by the telegram enemy. You can Buy POE Orbs at the famous POECurrency to help you get better weapons.

Judging from the often plummeting health of players, mobility will be the key, especially against the boss shown. A large rock monster shakes the loose pieces on the ceiling, allowing more sunlight to enter the arena and creating a safer space for standing and tanning. Some interesting enemy types are also shown, such as giant mountain crabs disguised as boulders, and then get up and crawl when the player is chasing them.

Path of Exile 2 will be released sometime in 2022. It is free and can be used as a free update to the original path of exile. Although each battle has its own loot, location, enemy, and story, they will all lead to the shared POE Currency of the Atlas Of Worlds endgame which contains the content of the two games. This is a bold decision, but it should be ensured that the first path of exile remains important in 2022 and beyond.

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