Does Maths Need Paraphrasing?

Descriptive subjects like English, history, geography need paraphrasing to write an assignment but have you ever used a plagiarism checker?

Descriptive subjects like English, history, geography need paraphrasing to write an assignment but have you ever used a plagiarism checker ?

You may have used a fraction calculator and factoring calculator in a math assignment but may never have used any paraphrasing tool . Do you wonder that does math need paraphrasing? Yes, it does. Paraphrasing is a must for prose and, to some extent, for proofs, but you can altogether avoid them in theorems.

  • When to Look Away

The MLA handbook instructs that you should mention every source from which you take information, ideas, and quotes, understand the concept, reason it out, and write it in your own words. The handbook further explains that taking notes from more than one source to paraphrase a paragraph is better for paraphrasing prose. It recommends writing at least one paragraph in your own words while looking away from the source. With the harvard referencing  generator tool, the students can easily generate harvard referencing for their essays, articles, or assignments.

However, the procedure gets tricky if you are writing in your mother tongue or second language, as you may tempt to copy the sentence structure and grammatical patterns from the source. If you are a beginner in the field, taking the help of a paraphrasing tool is a wise decision.

  • When to look

Many assignments and referencing styles recommend and accept copying exact statements like definitions, algorithms, and theorems without quotation from a source, though none suggests it. Unless the statement is popular and used in multiple sources, a reference is recommended.

  • What to do with figures

Your professor may allow you to use a copied source in your assignment when you mention the source in the reference. Otherwise, create your graphics and diagrams are preferred.

  • How to deal with proofs

Referencing styles consider any mathematic or computation steps that need logic and manipulation like proofs, derivatives, examples or extensive arithmetic program as the grey area of paraphrasing. Proofs are divided into 3 levels based on the level of understanding.

  • Closed source

It is the most recommended level of approaching proofs. In this case, you understand the concept and take notes. While writing the paper, you may look at your notes to incorporate ideas. Reference the source but change example or write about a different case if you can.

  • Open source

Open source with reference is only allowed in the case of undergraduate papers. Use open source if you have to mention the sequence of your proof in your assignment or write personal words or comments on the steps.

  • Copied source

No university in the world accepts copying mathematic source. In unavoidable circumstances like you cannot comprehend the source or you understand the source but not enough to rephrase or explain the steps, it is best to write "the proof is found in (the title of the source)."

To conclude, paraphrasing is needed in math. When you are paraphrasing prose, try to look away from the source, and when copying definitions, algorithm and theorems without quotation, look at the source. If you want to copy a figure, you have to mention it in the reference but to deal with proofs; you can choose the methods between open, closed and copied source based on your understanding of the concept.

Summary- math assignments need paraphrasing. To know how and which source to reference, read in detail.