Top 10 Pink Beaches To See Around The World

Pink beaches -- exotic, scenic pink beaches which seem like they are straight from a Barbie movie. It may be tough to envision.

Pink beaches -- exotic, scenic pink beaches which seem like they are straight from a Barbie movie. It may be tough to envision, but all around the planet, there are several exceptional pink shores, like you will find shores of various other magnificent colors. One of the most magnificent ones would be the pink shores. Tiny reddish organisms reside on bits of shells and dead coral reefs. These fall into the ground of the sea and are washed on the shore. From time to time, the organic formulas of calcium carbonate in the corals or shells of marine invertebrates, such as the hermit crabs, combine with the sands. Some beaches have the full color of pink, while some others have stains of pink. It's time to have a peek at ten lovely pink beaches on earth.

1. Elafonisi Beach, Crete -- Greece

Elafonisi is a Greek island in the southeast of the Mediterranean island of Crete. It's part of Crete administratively and is among those hidden jewels of the planet concerning attractiveness. In some regions of the calendar year, it's likely to walk into Elafonisi during the shallow water, which will be lined with a stunning beach covered in sand, which produces a fantastic playground for kids. Some areas of the shore are rugged.

2. Spiaggia Rosa of Budelli, Sardinia -- Italy

The Italian island of Budelli is at the Maddalena archipelago in northern Sardinia. The most well-known of its shores is that the remarkable Spiaggia Rosa, which signifies Pink Beach. It's among the most scenic pink beaches on earth. Foraminifera and other marine micro-organisms, which are earth by waves, have been dispersed across the shore. The fine sand of pink tint matches the surrounding granite stones.

3. Pink Beach of Komodo -- Indonesia

Komodo is among those 17,508 islands that collectively comprise Indonesia and is part of the famous Komodo National Park. Apart from being famous across the globe since the habitat of the world's most giant lizard, i.e. that the Komodo dragon, it involves an equal party for a different item: the stretch of sand of a magic pink tint. It's interspersed with rocky shores, and the water contains corals under the surface. Visit delta airlines cancellation and get to know everything before traveling to Worldwide.

4. Horseshoe Bay Beach -- Bermuda

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of North America. It has many stunning islands, and the most celebrated of these is your Horseshoe Bay Beach. It's a very long crescent of baby-pink sand due to the bits and pieces of corals and shells washed ashore by waves. The beach sweeps across the turquoise waters of this sea and is an excellent location for a stroll.

5. Pink Beach of Great Santa Cruz Island -- Philippines

Great Santa Cruz Island is a small island at Zamboanga City in the Philippines. It's famed for its pink shore with coralline sand. Among the rarest pink beaches on the planet, Great Santa Cruz Island boasts the only pink shore incomplete of the Philippines, filled with many beautiful beaches. This pink shore reaches its color from the smashed red organ pipe coral, mixed with the sand through eons of erosion.

6. Pink Beaches of Barbuda -- Caribbean Sea

Barbuda is one of the west islands, i.e. Barbuda and Antigua, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The western coast of Barbuda is just one continuous stretch of beach with occasional straps of exquisite pink sand, together with the Pink Beach from the southwest being the very remarkable one. It's a rarely broad shore, coated with bursts of a subtle conch-shell color, stitched with sand patches.

7. Balos Lagoon Beach of Crete -- Greece

From the uninhabited Greek islands of Gramvousa, That's off the shore of Crete, is located the Balos lagoon, between the island and the shore of Crete. This lagoon is lined ashore along the shallow and warm seas, which supplies the most relaxing encounter. Parts of the beach are still an exquisite pinkish, which can be formed because of countless shells. The shore has stones and cliffs that bound the lagoon.

8. Tangsi Beach of Lombok -- Indonesia

Lombok is an Indonesian island in West Nusa Tenggara, also is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Its Tangsi Beach, or Pink Beach, distinguishes it from the majority of other beaches on the planet and, in actuality, Indonesia. It's a distant location and is significantly less crowded than most other pink beaches in the world, and supplies a mind-blowing panorama.

9. Bonaire Pink Beach -- Dutch Caribbean Island

Bonaire in the Caribbean Sea is an island in the Leeward Antilles, which, in addition to Aruba and Curaçao, forms the ABC islands of South America. Among the most scenic islands globally, Bonaire's pink sand beach is a part of its vistas. The Pink Beach, coated in beautifully manicured sand, has its color out of the pulverized shells of countless vivid pink foraminifera. It's an excellent spot for water sports.

10. Pink Beach of Harbor Island -- Bahamas

It's noted for the three miles of the pink sand beach -- possibly the most well-known of all of the pink beaches on earth. The shore is covered with sands of totally pink color because of foraminifera shells, present here in abundance. 1 g of its sediment may comprise hundreds of living people and more lifeless shells.

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