Absolutely loved this Immediate

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On Twitter I turned notifications for Animal Crossing Bells @Wario64 and @PS5Stockalerts that got me close a few of times but that I had no luck, although other people got it for sure.

I would say find a subreddit for it I used the PS5 subreddit back in early December for updates before those guys even tweeted it. Idk when the sub still has a dedicated thread to finding PS5s like it failed but I can guarantee there is something on reddit someplace just for PS5 revenue

Absolutely loved this Immediate, with the highlights being Splatoon 3 (I have almost 500 hours at the second match and maybe 200-300 in the first game) and Triangle Strategy. Pyra and Mythra at Smash is cool, I can't wait to finally try out Hades (I had been awaiting a physical release), Mario Golf looks interesting (haven't ever played a Mario Golf game earlier ), I'll probably check out the Age of Calamity DLC, and Skyward Sword HD gives me a reason to get around to this game, though having WW and TP together with SS in a collection would have been better. Seeing a few new Dragon Hunter Rise critters and mechanisms reminded me just how much I'm looking forward to the match (I've never played a MonHun match before, but sunk 10-15 hours to the demo and I am hooked ). No More Heroes 3 looks good but I want to play with Nook Miles Ticket For Sale the first two first, and I have heard good things about Miitopia and the Ninja Gaiden series.

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