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Want to setup hp envy 4520 with your system. You are on the right place to setup and installation.



There are so many reasons that your HP printer 4520 failed to connect with the router.

Follow all the below given steps to troubleshoot HP Network connection issues.


HP Printer Network Connection Issues


  • Firstly check the HP 123hp.com/setup 4520 printer and computer connected in the same wireless network.
  • And also check whether correct password entered as your security key.
  • Next be assured that the router should be near to the computer and printer.
  • There should be no radioactive materials interrupting between the router and the device.
  • Finally properly connect all the wires with the printer and computer to avoid any loose connection problem.



All type of Physical Connection Checking and Power Reset Process

Reset the power supply to the printer which is a very fast way to reset the printer printing system.


  • Plug out the power cable from the HP 4520 printer while it is still ON. Wait for a moment to reconnect the power cable.
  • Now make sure you have connected the network cord properly and the cables are in proper condition not damaged.
  • Turn off your computer, laptop or mobiles then restart it again. Now try to do the print to test and if you face the issue again you have to go to the next solution.


HP Printer Network Connection Problem

Check properly Whether the HP 4520 Printer Connected to the wireless Network or Not.

Network problems can generally be formed due to wrong network settings, mismatching with desired printer settings, new software or driver downloaded, sometimes compatibility issues and using wrong links in the HP 4520 printer.


  • Firstly check that you have turned on the wifi, and check you have connected to the right wireless SSID name.
  • On the next step print a network configuration page. In the page check the printer's IP address.
  • You have to troubleshoot that issue to continue with the network connection if it is using an incorrect IP address.
  • Now enter the right IP address in the web browser of the system. Then you can see the ip configuration page.
  • If you find the Embedded Web Server page then it will confirm that your printer is connected to the network.
  • Next, by using start and enter RUN open the command prompt on your computer.
  • There you have to just type “ping” with your printer IP address and enter. If you see the command returns with a failed message.
  • Then your printer is not connected with the wireless network.

 Source - https://123hp-setup-com.us/blog/123-hp-com-setup-4520/

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