Then you ask what is going on. He states,"what!?

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My last idea is that a clan chat proprietor can select"inviters" that can invite people in clan owner's clan chat. The inviters acts exactly the RuneScape gold same way as that can kick in the clan chat(I meen when you pull the clan chat option, clan proprietor can pick who gets in order to kick). Zezima can accept the invitation so chaosor can input he or she can deny that, so chaosor can't join. I'm sorry but I forgot the rest of my ideas, so until I recall them, have a wonderful weekend.

Another Entirely Random Mini-quest. To start with, once a participant has finished the Sheild of Arrav quest, then they speak to Reldo who requests them if they wish to read the story of the Sheild of Arrav. When they close it, Reldo tells them that the Museum Curator had a job for someone. So they visit the Museum Curator who informs them of an insane scientist who resides in Draynor Manor and has assembled a TIME MACHINE! He explains he would like someone to go back in time and try and retreive the Sheild of Arrav before it's lost. You go and speak with the scientist who informs you that you've got 10 mins for back or your stuck!

So you go back in time and find Arrav and explain to him your situation. He then tells you that he cant surrender the sheild to somebody just like you. ("a weakling" he calls you since he is like level 300. Then you say you will help him prevent the invasion when he lets you keep the sheild later. (in all this you never stopped to think what might happen into the upcoming!?) Arrav gives you the defense and you return. But when you arrive, there is no more a scientist.

The machine is still there but you're standing in the middle of no-were, (where draynor use to be) so that you go to varrock. Rather than RuneScape citizens there are zombies and hob-goblins. They view you as meals and (depending on what level you are) attack you. So you go to the Museum and its not that. Then a normal person comes from a cellar in the building you are in (you think its the museum) and takes you under floor level.

Then you ask what is going on. He states,"what!? Have you ever been living in isolation for the past 1000 decades?" . You can not do anything but agree he sighs and explains that following Arrav gave the sheild into a stranger believing the war has been won, more zombies came out of the floor. They shot over varrock. So you say to yourself that you need to return and give back the sheild. You go back to where Draynor was go back in time once again.

Subsequently, more zombies come out of the floor. This is what the guy was discussing. The second wave. You fight to get through them and give the sheild into arrav. Then,the wicked king Arrav sacrifices himself to the city. Then after a thank you from the natives, you head back to the current. Draynor is back however, varrock is still overrun with zombies. You head into town and tell the townsfolk to create a stand and that you fought alongside the powerful Arrav so they should respect you. So they come out and buy OSRS gold retake the town back. Then it shows a movie of the scientist ruining the time system. Then thats the end!

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