Trends in Graphic Design that have Taken Over in 2021

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The year 2021 is predicted to be a year full of innovation, change, and new trends in the sphere of graphic design. According to many, 2020 brought out creativity in many designers, and allowed them to implement bright, bold ideas with a lot of personality and style, blowing the usual and the ordinary out of the water. The trends of 2020 will most probably continue to spill over to 2021, with the pandemic still here, but much more comfortably integrated into our daily lives.

Keeping it Simple

While the future of the graphic design industry was, at one point headed in a bombastic route, thanks to the virus, the new trends were simple to understand; keep it simple. During times when most people are rushing to the grocery store to panic-buy supplies, simple design catches the eye in the most effective ways. The industry’s trends took a sharp turn from pompous to simplistic. An instance of this is a trend which was already huge in the years prior to any pandemic, is minimalism. Essentially, it is design devoid of expensive flair. Minimalism presents itself down to only the necessary, and allows for the viewer’s imagination to take off. It serves the need for simplicity, while also riding an already popular trend. 

An Increase in Calming Content

The trends of today are motivated by the need to appear calming.  An example of this is sticking to classic Serif fonts, rather than experimenting with new fonts. Serif fonts are some of the oldest fonts used, so they may evoke a sense of familiarity. 

To contradict the colourful, bright aesthetics that was supposed to dominate graphic design this year, the current trend is to include muted colour palettes. Muted colours are fundamentally bright, vivid colours which are softened with the infusion of black, white, or complementary colours. These are comparatively calmer, and more soothing, to juxtapose the current global climate.

Infographics and Realism

While infographics have been deemed “trendy” for quite a while now, infographics have always appealed to the masses, as they allow one to learn information visually. Graphic designers have transformed the usual 2D graphics to 3D graphics. This provides a more realistic result, as well as seems lively and vibrant, and catches the eye of the viewer. 3D infographics also provide information in an accessible and impactful way. It does all this along with enabling and encouraging creativity. Infographics do a good job of blending the visual and the semantic.

Experimentalism in Graphic Design

Ever since the life-altering pandemic that engulfed our lives last year, many have chosen to harbour their creativity, using the extra down time that they got. This is reflected in the art and aesthetics that are considered “trendy” in 2021. Graphic design is heading down more experimental paths, such as abstraction and psychedelics. Some may view such art styles as absurd, but many have embraced the weird as a valid form of expression and advertisement.

Colorful engraving of Mixed race woman framed in psychedelic pattern

Graphic Design has been one of the biggest developments in the field of visual communication over the past century. It is one of the most important aspects of Social media marketing in the digital marketing world. Being a budding digital marketing company has enabled us, at Digibeezsy Media, to keep up with trends and other happenings in the sphere of graphic design. For more insight on graphic design and all things digital marketing, click here.

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