Animal Crossing: How to attract villagers to your island

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world, with its rich content and unique game mechanics. Villagers are an important way for players to learn knowledge and recipes. A good idea also requires a variety of items. There are only two villagers on our island at the start of the game, so mastering methods and techniques to get more and more suitable villagers is also something players need to know.

Tom Nook is an important NPC to help the player, and having the island will help you from the start. According to his tips, players need to build houses and furniture to attract villagers. Collecting recipe cards and basic resources is crucial. Especially construction materials that, like weeds, need to wait for a long time.

The second method is also hinted at by Tom Nook. We need the first Nook Miles Tickets he rewards, to experience the first mysterious island trip. You can go to a friend's island, you can go to a desert island. There will be random villagers hanging out on the desert island, and we can talk to the villagers and persuade them to come to our island. After that, we need to use Nook Miles to buy our own tickets. It's a great way to go to the islands and run into villagers because it's fun and requires the right kind of conversation to engage them.

A third way is to sell the land use Animal Crossing Bells. That is, of course, if your residential services building is already up and running. So there's more space to build the new house and interact with the new neighbors. Upgrading a resident service tent into a building to form a temporary villager's visit home is also a way to attract villagers to visit. The player has a chance to convince the villagers to stay on our island for good.

Then we can use Amiibo to visit our island. Operating on Nook Shop Terminal and inviting them to camp on the island is also a great way to attract villagers. Before using Amiibo, watch out for hipster puppy Harv, who can also use Amiibo on his island of Photopia.

According to Tom Nook's tips, building on an island is the best thing to do. Players often Buy Cheap ACNH Items. In the game, the basic materials of buildings and rich and beautiful items are all required to be collected or manufactured by the players themselves, which obviously will have a lot of boring times.