If you would like a scroll to your property

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Then you've got half of bounty hunter after you. My thought for RuneScape gold this fix too is: A 15 second grace period after a fall. In this age you won't own a pickup penalty or a depart penalty. You could be allowed to pick up arrows, even if you're ranging, because that's what makes me pens the maximum. Maybe you could be permitted to get your kill, I don't know yet. In this period your skull abouve your head dissappears.

Following this grace period is over normal penalties apply, and your on your own. This could repel pjing due: The pjer wouldn't know exactly what your kill's worth is. If he kills you, then you maintain 3-4 items anyhow. When he fails to kill you, you can leave on your grace period. Tell me what you guys believe, because I would love to bounty hunt with my clan again.

Therefore I was thinking, what if you wanted someone to enter your home and help you construct in it? I think this could be a good feature because if you wished to improve your home and didn't possess the level/cant manage to do it, then simply let someone do it to you. As soon as you buy the home, the owner will have a deed. When you have the deed you can read this, and it'll have a randomly generated code onto it. Every house owner (only 1 individual can own a home at a time) will have another code. You can't buy another deed.

If you would like a scroll to your property, request a Real Estate person for one. He'll ask what the code will be and provide you a scroll. The scroll is tradeable and allows others (you don't need it because you have the deed) to get into the house when you are not inside. It is possible to ask for multiple scrolls by saying your code and selecting'Get X scrolls', which will let you buy a multiple number of scrolls. Give the scroll to a reliable person to help you with something. If you're feeling scammed, the Real Estate person can remove their scroll. In case your not in your residence, you can save the deed or scroll in your PIN secured lender incase of a hacker.

I could see somebody helping you build a house, under certain circumstances. They can't bring any substances (nails, planks, etc). Instead you'd be able to generate a storage space on your workshop. It might require 60 construction, 10 mahogany logs and 1 magical rock. It may hold any sort of source for construction around 100 of OSRS buy gold every (500 for claws ). You would be unable to withdraw from the item, just deposit right into it.

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