How Foreplay Is Practiced With Goa Escorts

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We’re all aware that foreplay is an important aspect of sex, whether it’s a hand job, a blowjob, sensory play, and touching, or a passionate making-out session. Never miss it (well, maybe not never, because a quickie is fine sometimes) However, if you want to amp up your orgasm with Cheap Goa escorts service beyond everything you’ve had before, indulge in the foreplay, take your time, and enjoy it. It takes a lot of effort and control, but extending the pleasure for as long as humanly possible will intensify the orgasm to the point that you feel like you’re going to burst out of not just one point on your body, but from the top of your head and all over. It’s a full-body experience that’ll leave both you and your lady quivering and gasping for air, sticky, sweaty, and fully satisfied.

Method 1

The best way to get satisfying with Independent Goa call girls, even earth-shattering orgasms is to tease her body. When you’re almost there, on the verge of arriving, try to come to a halt, pull back from the cliff’s edge, and regain control. Return to a calm breathing pattern and remain still for a few moments before fully shifting your posture and behavior. This isn’t quick, and it may take some practice to master, but stopping and starting again is the ultimate teasing challenge that will increase your appetite and hunger to the point of desperation. However, when you reach the climax, you will realize that the pain and pleasure you experience along the way were well worth it. Your orgasm will be large and powerful, and as a result of this blissful release, you will feel relaxed and happy as you are fully satiated and fulfilled.

Method 2

The first and most obvious solution is to slow down the action…and we mean slow down. Take it slow at first and focus on the fundamentals of foreplay, caressing, and kissing. Keep the pace slow and gentle as you slide your hands over one of the escort’s bodies of cheap Goa escort agency, exploring as you step all over and into every curve and valley. As you get to know every inch of skin on her young, supple body, you stroke and gently tease her. Try finding the sensitive piece of skin behind her earlobe with your tongue, then circle her nipples and travel slowly down the length of her body. You’ll notice that her breathing has become erratic and her body has begun to tremble with desire, but you’ll also notice that your breathing has become uneven as your heartbeat quickens and you become harder and more excited with each passing second.

During penetration

Another technique to learn is breathing control. Try to time your breathing stroke as your penis thrusts in and out while enjoying the wonderful Goa escort service. Tantric sex employs this technique… Slowing down the movement and retaining power for as long as possible can be accomplished by timing the stroke of your thrust with your breathing. Your breathing will become more difficult to manage as your penis thrusts in and out, gradually increasing in pace as your pulse speeds up and you drive towards the final release. Your Escorts Services in Goa will still be gasping and panting as she drives into you, her hips thrusting upwards as she opens and invites your body in for an incredibly deep and all-consuming org.

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