Top 5 Student Problems and Their Solutions

Issues of students and also offer their solutions

University life is a whole new ball game, which makes it difficult for the students to fit into the setup. Thus, students encounter numerous problems that hamper their focus on the learning aspect of academics.

In case you are facing such problems too, refer to the below-provided solutions to the five common student problems:


When students embark on the university journey, they leave their hometown and their loved ones behind. Since it is not easy on their part, they become restless and homesick. They keep revisiting the past memories so that they can rejoice their happy days. Although it is not problematic to cherish such memories for a while, it becomes troublesome when the student does the same all day.

To get around this problem, it is recommended to schedule a time to call family members and relatives. Other than this scheduled hour, you should keep your focus restricted to the other important responsibilities.

Language Barrier

Most of the students enrolled in UK universities are non-native. Thus, their English speaking and writing proficiencies are not up to the mark. This setback not only impacts their academic life, but they also face troubles communicating with the people around them. Since such a state eventually leads to students’ isolation and academic failure, it is important to take the right measures at the right time.

For this purpose, students are recommended to read English books to pick up on writing styles and vocabulary. Also, students can consider listening and watching English songs and movies to familiarise themselves with the language. Since both these practises cannot polish writing skills overnight, students must hire custom writing services, such as the UK dissertation help, to secure their academic grades.

Financial Constraints

With the hike in tuition fees and living expenses, students are compelled to work part-time to manage their finances. Despite this endeavour, students find it hard to make their ends meet and, most of them, turn bankrupt at the end of every month.

To avoid such turmoil, the students must always underestimate their income and overestimate their expenses. Using this principle, the students must prepare a budget that can keep them from splurging money. Also, they should make use of student discounts so that they can save themselves some cash.

Poor Health Conditions

Nowadays, students are expected to maintain their personal, academic, and professional responsibilities simultaneously. Since this compulsion consumes a major chunk of the available time, students have no time left for themselves. Thus, they adopt practices that impose a major risk to their health and, eventually, meddle with their proficiency levels. For instance, they skip their breakfasts and sleep late at night.

As a solution to this problem, students should keep their backpacks loaded with food items that can be consumed on the go, such as nuts and fruits. In addition to this, students should create a timetable that can help regulate their routine according to healthy practises.


Technology is both a blessing and a curse for the students. In the latter case, technology offers distractions through social media and gaming platforms for the students. Since all of these activities are too tempting to resist, students lose their focus and, hence, their grip on their academic grades.

In this connection, the students have to be extra hard on themselves by signing off from all their social media accounts during the studying sessions. Doing so will help students in keeping their focus confined solely to the learning process.

So, all the best to you!