Path of Exile: The talisman is at a lossTalismans were nerfed back to being useless

At least, the new skills in Ultimatum are really great.

Although the harvest alliance is no longer useless, it is no longer exciting. It is good to have free, targeted Chaos rolls, but the amount of crafts produced during Harvest encounters is very small, and it is rare to encounter advanced seed crafts. In addition, it is still best to trade these handicrafts to people through informal Discord channels and participate in a system that is very prone to fraud. Experienced and old players usually purchase POE Currency in advance and then purchase the items they want.

Naturally, performance and accessibility are still at the lowest level in history. Sometimes, texture streaming can make people feel uncomfortable, and GGG has not taken specific measures to reduce the number of clicks and wrist movements to improve health. This means that players need to get as much POE Currency as possible in the next period of time to help them gain a greater advantage. The emergence of POECurrency easily helps players solve the problem of lack of POE Exalted Orb.

As for the changes in skills and their balance, they are basically exhausted people. Grinding Gear Games does not care about skills that are rarely used, but has always stated that interesting skill interactions are not allowed. Even in the middle of the league, they put a very popular product into the league without telling anyone, this can be seen in the middle of the league. As a person who is willing to spend time making non-metastructures pleasant, as more and more skills become obsolete, I feel that my choices are getting smaller and smaller.

At least, the new skills in Ultimatum are really great. They are all related to blood, such as Exsanguinate or the new petrochemical defense layer. Reap looked terrible, and was able to use Corrupted Blood to damage enemies through the Corruption Fever skill. After many people died of Corrupted Blood in the past, he was definitely a demon. Whenever, POECurrency will provide you with new and wholehearted assistance, allowing you to easily obtain a large amount of POE Currency without spending too much money.