My guess for the second cookie is the fact

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Yeah, in case you are on the fence with Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket AC on one side and Bowser's Fury/Luigi's Mansion on the flip side, then it isn't really a choice. You'd know if you wanted AC from the trailers and if you're not already sold, do not just let hype guide you. Grab either the platformer or the puzzler.

It's hilarious to me that a children's job simulator has been mentioned in the same sentence as Hades. Hades is among the most well tuned and well designed games I've ever played, with hundreds of hours of recorded dialogue that provide a deep story to go with fast speed gameplay which also includes high replay value.

You are really surprised that a real time village sim has distinct game layout to some rogue lite? Hades is amazing with no doubt, but Animal Crossing is good at what it does also. It may not be your cup of tea, but for people who are into it it's superb. My mother plays with it daily and contains nearly 700 hours in it.

Yeah, the combat definitely is some type Hack and slash (for me could be a little bit more enemies to be true h'n's - but that is personal). However, in my opinion there is more than the kind of battle needed to be complete within this genre - elements like looting (especially durable equipment ), more RPG like components.

My guess for the second cookie is the fact that it is going to become ninja and Waring-States era themed, and the fortress up there is going to be the 5-star item. Although I also suspect the Gyroidite event is going to have at least some of the ninja-themed products.

As a Harmonious-lover, ahhh I'm really enthusiastic about this!! I am REALLY excited about the sword (I am amazed it's taken us this long to get one?) Along with the wigs!! I will be so excited if I could finally finish my samurai cosplay~

That is (unfortunately for my wallet) a really beautifully done month with a great deal of cohesive pieces that may switch around. Super excited for your own sushi, for your new hydrangea cookie, and also for that Animal Crossing Items For Sale which appears like a pastel hydrangea gardening event.